"Someday I'll die too, but for now, I'm still a Survivor."

"I am still young and inexperienced, but I cannot die. 
I must survive, if only for my little brother, who is the only one left."

Lab Rat was a senior researcher at the laboratory where the zombie outbreak originated, and he became one of the first to turn into a zombie as a result. He was one of the few who opposed the Immortal Project, which aimed to conquer death, until the very end. Ironically, had he not been infected with the virus, he would likely be buried by now, as he was a terminal cancer patient.

Frankie always wanted people's attention. Pretending to be funny, pretending to be cool, exaggerating yourself falsely... Eventually people moved away. Frankie pretended not to care about it, but inside she was thirsty for popularity. I meddled in any crowded place. Eventually, he died surrounded by zombies and died with joy, saying, "Oh, everyone is interested in me now!" Frankie chased people when they were alive or zombies, and they always avoided Frankie.

It is often speculated that zombies who scream incessantly were in a state of extreme anger while alive. Skippee was one such zombie. According to rumors, during his family's escape from the city, he was mistakenly believed to have been bitten by a zombie due to abrasions he sustained. The guards at the defense line, in his presence, instantly executed his wife, son, and daughter. Suppressing immense despair and rage as he passed through the defense line, Skippee eventually allowed himself to be bitten by a zombie outside the barricade while everyone was off guard. He became a zombie inside the city's defenses, ultimately bringing an end to humanity's last hope in a tragic downfall.

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