Who's the top influencer in "NeoAnimal City"? Without a doubt, it's "Lumito," the superstar who shines the brightest in the entertainment industry. As a teenage idol, her presence embodies the dream everyone yearns for. Her music and dance have garnered worldwide popularity and wealth.

However, personal details about Lumito remain elusive to all. Her past, family ties, and origins are fortified by robust personal information security. Consequently, a slew of speculations runs rampant. Ranging from claims that she's "actually a middle-aged man who underwent a physical transformation" to being a "former low-budget VR adult film actor," all sorts of bizarre rumors swirl.

In an interview addressing these rumors, she expressed, "In a world where human memories can be erased and manipulated, does my fundamental existence even matter? I'm simply focused on the emotions and sensations I experience in the present."

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